• Please Don't Ignore These Uber-Profitable SaaS Customers

    You’ve heard about their huge mailing lists. You’ve seen their busy blogs and overloaded Stripe dashboards. If you want more subscribers and more customers, capture exit traffic.

  • Building API Clients With Ruby

    If you want to increase distribution for your SaaS product or give your customers a way to move their data, you should build a RESTful API client. Here's how to build one with Ruby.

  • Break Into The Software Industry With Productized Services

    Your Ruby and Rails skills are useless if you don't have a great service behind it. Use these five productized services as inspiration to create one, and break into the software industry.

  • DRYing Up Your Ruby Module

    You know about the Don't Repeat Yourself principle, but how do you actually apply it in production code? Let's refactor a Ruby module and see the DRY principle in action.

  • User Stories For Every App Developer

    Before you write a single line of code, you must wear your Business Analyst hat and create a requirement specification for the solution you intend to implement using User Stories.

  • 3 Simple Ways Experts Succeed With Rails Framework

    What's the ONE secret that'll help you compete with seasoned Rails developers for remote work? It starts with understanding why businesses kickstart software projects.

  • Part I - UI Tests With Capybara In Ruby

    Your Rails web application should work every time, for every user, and on every browser. Here's how to use Capybara to mimic how a user would locate web elements in your app.

  • 3 Mistakes Software Developers Avoid

    If you’re a founder or a software developer who wants SMARTCUTS for getting an ROI from commercial apps, this article shows you how to engineer a successful product launch without letting scope creep, wrong solutions and pet features burn out you or your team.

  • 5 Practical Ruby on Rails Projects

    Let’s discuss the five practical Ruby on Rails projects you’ll ever be tasked to build as a full-stack Rails developer and useful gems you could use to speed up your development process.

  • Who's An Expert Rails Developer?

    There are lots of resources teaching how to become a Rails developer, build modular Rails apps, and optimize your apps, but very few go beyond that point. Here's one quick solution.

  • The 10 Most Used Git Commands

    Here are the 10 most used git commands you need to know to impress your friends and employers. Or simply get more work done faster when building Ruby applications.

  • Unemployed Rails Developer?

    You've learned Rails, but nobody will hire you? Here's an exact guide to help you break into the software industry as a freelance Rails developer. And gain professional experience.

  • Let's Talk About Ruby Developers

    Is there really a shortage of Ruby developer positions? The answer is a big NO because they can use their skills in other capacities, just like these developers who invented the internet.

  • Extracting SEO Data The Easy Way

    Do you need to extract data from web pages as input for other Ruby programs? It turns out the Nokogiri gem scrapes html fast. You'll use it to extract SEO data in this short tutorial.

  • Build And Release A Commandline Gem

    You'll build and release a Ruby command-line gem from scratch. You'll use OptionParser to parse arguments, which allows programs to execute unattened until completion.

  • Documenting Ruby Commandline Apps

    Ensure your Ruby CLI app has all the nine features of well-designed, delightful command-line apps. Then include an in-app help text, plus a man page to make it useful to others.

  • 33 Gems For Building Commandline Apps

    Don't create one-off, hacky Ruby scripts to automate your tasks. These 33 gems will help you build command-line apps that delight both casual users and experienced developers.

  • What's Your Rails Default Stack?

    You could create a custom Rails template that meets your preferences to speed up your setup. Or you can use another stack that's not an exact match, but gets the job done.

  • How To Make $100K From OSS

    Technical firms and individual developers release open-source software as a low-cost marketing strategy, then use other monetization strategies to profit from their hard work.

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